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2012 was a busy year for UK arachnology and conservation. The captive breeding and release of the Fen Raft Spider continues and has proved succesful, with breeding confimed in released populations from last year. The BAS has contributed to several programmes and articles, some of which are shown here, including BBC's Autumn Watch.

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Fen eyes.jpg

More on the Fen Raft Spider


New spider for Britain found in Glasgow -Scottish Invertebrate News
New spider for Britain found in Glasgow - Buglife

Cave spider.jpg

Cave spider found at RSPB Minsmere reserve - 2nd Nov'12


House Spider video - watch online - (in last 10 minutes of the programme) - BBC AutumnWatch 1st Nov'12
Expert in house spider warning in the Lothians and south of Scotland - BBC 16th Oct'12
House Spiders in September - Guardian Sep'12


New Harvestman find, Paul Richards - listen online - (5 minute slot, 14 minutes into the programme) - BBC Radio 4 Saving Species 30th Oct'12


Appreciation of spiders, Lawrence Bee, British Arachnological Society - listen online or podcast - (5 minute slot, 26 minutes into the programme) - BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live 29th Sep'12


Captive breeding and re-introduction of Fen Raft Spider, Helen Smith - listen online - (6 minute slot, 22 minutes into the programme) - BBC Radio 4 Material World 4th Oct'12
Return of the UK's biggest spider - BBC 4th Oct'12
The UK's largest spider returns to Norfolk - Countryfile 4th Oct'12
8cm spiders released into the British countryside by ecologists - The Telegraph 4th Oct'12
UK's rarest spiders fostered by zoos in bid to save them - BBC radio interview Sep'12


Rare fen raft spiders breeding in Suffolk - BBC Jul'12



Re-introduction of the Fen Raft Spider in Suffolk - listen online - BBC Radio 4 Saving Species Oct'11


The Horrid Ground Weaver, Plymouth - listen online - BBC Radio 4 Saving Species Sep'11

Eresus male.jpg

Ladybird Spider introduced to Arne reserve.
Britain’s rarest spider moves house in a plastic bottle
SRS page for the Ladybird spider.

Heliophanus dampfi.png

Rare spider found at Scottish reserve.
SRS page for Heliophanus dampfi.

P margaritatus.jpg

Notable spider found at RSPB reserve.
Link to the Spider Recording Scheme page.


C ross P Harvey.jpg

Rare fenland spider re-discovered.


Raft spider release.
Dolomedes plantarius Website.

Eresus male.jpg

BBC One Show Ladybird Spider (and other videos)
2001 paper on Ladybird spider genetics

Meta bourneti on BBC Radio 4

M menardi P Harvey.png

In February 2010, John Partridge, the BAS's then Secretary, guested on the Radio 4 programme "The Living World" in search of the uncommon cave spider, Meta bourneti. To listen to the programme, follow this link.

Links to the SRS page for Meta bourneti and the SRS page for Meta menardi.

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