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Welcome to the BAS

Join now, or renew your membership with Direct Debit or via Paypal with your debit/credit card, or own PayPal account.

To pay by Direct Debit (UK account holder only) via GoCardless, please click here

To pay online via Paypal, carefully select your BAS membership option (UK or Overseas) and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are a UK tax payer, please also post to us your Gift Aid declaration (PDF)to allow us to claim an extra £5.75 from the UK tax office.

Institutions (Libraries, Universities, etc) and their Agents - see the Subscriber options below (UK & Overseas).

If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Development Officer, email details at the foot of this page.

Code Membership Type Cost (UKPounds)
BASUKM18   British Arachnological Society - UK - Membership 2018 23.00  

BASGiftAid British Members' GiftAid Declaration no charge  

BASOSM18 British Arachnological Society - OVERSEAS - Membership 2018 26.00

BASUKS18 BAS Subscriber (UK) - Institutions only 29.00

BASOSS18 BAS Subscriber (Overseas) - Institutions only 33.00

N/A European Society of Arachnology See note 5 below    
N/A American Arachnological Society See note 5 below    
N/A International Society for Arachnology See note 5 below    

A donation to the BAS will help our work raising the public understanding of arachnids and conserving rare British spiders. See note 7 below


Important Notes

  1. All memberships and subscriptions are fixed to the calendar year, ie. from January to December. Anyone joining during the year will have their membership / subscription back-dated to January and will receive all Newsletter and Arachnology issues already published in the year to date. Subsequent renewal is always due in the January of the following year.
  2. None of the membership options are available to institutions - see the two Subscription options specifically for Libraries, Universities, etc.
  3. UK BAS Membership is only open to residents with a permanent address in the UK
  4. Do not select UK AND Overseas Membership because any refunds incur a charge (see below)
  5. ESA, AAS & ISA Memberships - to reduce your costs and BAS administration, these options now link directly to the relevant websites where you can join or renew your memberships directly online.
  6. Refunds due to errors in purchase, ineligibility or cancellation will incur a 10% reduction on the refund to cover PayPal charges and will only be offered via PayPal, please purchase carefully
  7. After pressing the 'DONATION' option, you will be asked to enter the required amount at the next page. (Note the Donation option cannot be used in combination with any of the above options - it must be paid separately.)

The Mail-back form for further information has been removed because of abuse of the system by 'spammers'. If you require further details please e-mail the Membership Officer NOTE you will need to change the 'AT' in the address to '@' for the e-mail to work. BAS apologises for the inconvenience.

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