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Members' Websites

This section is open to any members of the Society to advertise their own arachnological web pages. Please contact the BAS Webmaster to have your site included here.

Theo Blick
A list of papers written by Theo, many downloadable as PDFs
Dave Curtis
Ariadne - including "Spider of the Month"
Petr Dolejs - National Museum, Czech Republic
Summary of Petr's research interests, including Czech arachnology and wolf spiders, and papers, with pdfs.
Jason Dunlop - Germany
The subject of this site is 'Arachnid origins and evolution'
Hisham El-Hennawy - Egypt
Hisham's blog, CV, research interests and many papers; Editor of "SERKET" the Arachnological Bulletin of the Middle East and North Africa.
Peter Harvey - UK and the Essex Field Club
The web site for the Essex Field Club, which includes some pages on arachnology.
James Harwood - University of Kentucky, USA
Summary of James' research interests, including spider ecology, and listing of selected publications.
Gustavo Hormiga
Visit the Araneoid Spider Systematics web page.
Lars Jonsson - Kristianstad University, Sweden
Listing of Lars' publications with many pdf papers, Swedish, German and English language (on the page, right-click on the pdf link and 'open in new tab').
Ed Nieuwenhuys
This site contains more than 300 pictures of over 170 common found spiders in NW-Europe and 200 pictures of spiders found in Queensland, Australia.
Nik Nimbus - UK
Arachnids blog, including plenty of Nik's photos and observations.
Pierre Oger
The Spiders of Belgium and France.
David Penney - University of Manchester, UK
Research interests include extant and fossil spider taxonomy and systematics; evolutionary history of spiders; reconstruction of fossil ecosystems; the timing of the radiations of the major extant spider families.
Jan Ove Rein
The title of this web site is 'The Scorpion Files'
Paul Selden - USA ex-BAS President
A web-site listing Paul's publications, many as PDF downloads
Craig Slawson - UK
An Atlas of the Spiders of Staffordshire, UK.
Helen Smith - UK
A web-site about the fen raft spider (Dolomedes plantarius)
Samuel Zschokke
This site features one page with the description of web construction of Araneus diadematus and one page with a 'spider web construction gallery', featuring short descriptions and pictures of the web and their construction.

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