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Members Handbook

Edited by Tony Russell-Smith, Helen Smith & Geoff Oxford

A new edition of the Arachnologists' Handbook, the BAS guide to everything arachnological, was produced in 2015. Members can access the new handbook from the Members' Area of the website. All new members receive a printed version as part of their membership pack (a benefit extended to overseas members in 2016); existing members who would like to replace their old edition can either download the new version or buy a copy at a reduced price. The handbook is also available for sale to non-members.

Spiders and their relatives are a diverse and fascinating group, with over 660 species of spiders alone recorded from the United Kingdom. With its combination of practical advice and useful information, the Handbook is written with both established members of the Society and the interested naturalist in mind. As well as a general introduction to British spiders, the Handbook includes chapters on collecting arachnids in the field, starting and using a collection, photographing spiders, keeping them in captivity and arachnid recording schemes. A list of equipment suppliers and a reading list are also provided together with revised and updated checklists of the spiders, harvestmen and false scorpions of the United Kingdom. It is illustrated with images of British spiders in their natural habitats.

The BAS is very grateful to all those who contributed chapters and revisions to the 2015 handbook. Its editors, Tony Russell-Smith, Geoff Oxford and Helen Smith have all been presidents of the British Arachnological Society.

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