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Non-arachnological Websites of interest

Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES)
"The AES is one of the UK's leading organisations for people interested in insects."
The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
This web site covers all aspects of animal behaviour, including spiders.
Biodiversity Information Service for Powys and Brecon Beacons National Park (BIS)
Local biological recording resource with news of local wildlife recording activities and linking to local and national recording websites.
Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society (BWARS)
BWARS is the national society dedicated to studying and recording bees, wasps & ants (aculeate Hymenoptera) in Britain & Ireland.
British Myriapod and Isopod Group (BMIG)
BMIG - Promoting the study of Millipedes, Centipedes and Woodlice in Britain.
British Dragonfly Society
Study and conservation of dragonflies and damselflies
British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS)
"The objectives of the BENHS are the promotion and advancement of research in entomology. The Dipterists Forum; the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society; and the British Myriapod and Isopod Group are affiliated."

The Bug Club is aimed at children aged 5 to 15. It covers all the invertebrates and is a great way to learn about the different types and how to study them. The Bug Club magazine includes BAS articles on spiders, harvestmen and other arachnids.

Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust
"Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates..." including spiders. See their page on conservation of the Ladybird Spider - www.buglife.org.uk/joinus/Help+us+save+the+Ladybird+spider.htm
Butterfly Conservation
Conservation of butterflies and moths
Dipterists Forum
Society dedicated to studying flies.
http://www.endangeredspeciesinternational.org[1] Endangered Species International
Endangered Species International (ESI) is strongly committed to reversing the trend of human-induced species extinction, save endangered species, and preserving their vital ecosystems. We have projects worldwide to protect endangered species, and save biodiversity. We also support the use of solar energy in our projects.
Società Entomologica Italiana
The Entomological Society of Italy (in Italian)
The National Federation for Biological Recording
The UK's foremost organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of biological recording. B.A.S. is an active member of the NFBR, with an officer on the council.
Royal Entomological Society (RES)
The Society's aim is to improve and disseminate knowledge of and about insect science.
Sheila Tilmouth
An Arts Council England funded residency, also supported by Suffolk Wildlife Trust to study the raft spider Dolomedes at Redgrave and Lopham Fen.
The Wildlife Information Centre for the Lothians and Borders (TWIC)
Biological records centre for the Lothians and the Scottish Borders that collects, collates and disseminates information about the wildlife in the area.
World Educational Films
Two video films each of approx. 20 min duration entitled 'Spiders - Prey Capture' and 'Spiders- Courtship and Mating' have been produced by World Educational Films. The BAS provided scientific advice


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