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Spiders in the News


This is an archive of older news articles, which have been featured on the front page.

Please note that because many of these links are now quite old, some may no longer be valid.

Archived Articles

Articles archived December 2015

JLinSoccover.gif Vertical asymmetries in orb webs
N horridus 0114.jpeg Rare spider under threat from housing estate plan, conservation charity warns
Blackwidow1.jpg Why Black Widow Spider Venom Is So Potent
BlackWidow2.jpg World's deadliest spiders a toxic myth?
Spider-venom-honeybees-s2048x1360-p-600x398.jpg Can spider venom save the Honeybee?
Read the original article in Proceedings B of the Royal Society
Journal.pone.Dp fish.png Fish-eating spiders that eat prey twice their size discovered across the world
Read the original paper in PLOS ONE
Colour-coded-spiders.-Lena-Grinsted.jpg Spiders May Have Personalities, and Some Are Bolder Than Others
Read the original paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Articles archived December 2014

Spider fossil.jpg Ancient arachnid 'walks again'
Giantspider pair.jpg Biggest Spider Fossil Now Has a Mate; But It's Complicated (LiveScience)
Ste nobilis.jpg Buglife and Anxiety UK charities expose spider scare stories
J Cl T.jpg John Cloudsley-Thompson - The Last Word on Radio 4
The Telegraph- obituary
The Guardian- obituary
Loureedia.jpg Lou Reed, Velvet spider
Flo chel.jpg Segestria florentina in Exeter on Radio 4.
Spider Recording Scheme page.
Ste nobilis.jpg Spider bites and media hype?
...more from The Independent
...but, really, don't panic...
...no, honestly, don't panic.
Some sense from The Guardian
...and some from The Independent
Wired Blog
Still not convinced? Follow this link and scroll down to "Myths about "Dangerous spiders".
Nerves.jpg Ancient arachnid ancestor
Science Daily
National Geographic
Cheir.jpg Spiders deploy airbags!?
Pis coc.jpg Females prefer gift-bearing males
Prograd.jpg The natural history of the enigmatic Progradungula...!
Link to article.
Balloon.jpg Ballooning spiders get a static lift.
Link to article.
Argiope.jpg Wasp spider found on RSPB nature reserve
EEYAH.jpg Official - Entomologists are wimps
Ent Soc of America article
Milking venom.jpg Spider aids crops – University of Queensland radio interview
Spider app.jpg House spider survey
Society of Biology App
Spid of Aus.jpg Barbara York Main - Australian spider woman - ABC radio interview
Toothbrush.jpg Sonic toothbrush attracts spiders...
Web 2.jpg Spider silk and nanotubes for sensitive sensors
Guardian link...
...another link
Crickets.jpg Spider-cricket personality interaction...
University of Pittsburgh link
Scorpion fossil.jpg Oldest known land-living animal from Gondwana
Brown rec eyes.jpg The secret of Brown recluse venom
Meta.jpg Cave spiders found at Norwich Research Park - BAS investigates!
Stabilimentum.jpg Watch a spider spin a stabilimentum.
Eupalaestrus.jpg Legs are handy for more than just walking....
H adansoni.jpg Jumping spiders use dragline to control their landing.
Wired's take
Roy Soc abstract
Stego.jpg Social spiders
Science News article
Vicaria.jpg Some exquisite Singapore spiders
Nicky Bay's macro photo blog
Daily Mail's take
Ctenus mon.jpg Hobbit actor's namesake?
Chaarged fly.jpg Webs use static charge to attract prey.
- UC Berkeley
- Science Daily
- Original paper
Spider bite.jpg Spider bites?
Dark fishing.jpg Post-mating death.
- Science
- Original paper
Parawixia.jpg How communal spiders keep the peace.
C cycle.jpg Predators' effect on ecosystems.
Huntsman.jpg Huntsman found in Glastonbury greengrocer's shop.
Qmonos.jpg Artificial spider silk - again.
- I have seen the future and it's ...spidery-silky-ish?
...and Spiber agrees.
Siam aranea.jpg Moth mimics spider.
- Original paper
Deinopid.jpg Micro monsters on Sky
Eating tarantula.jpg Nutritious tarantulas?
- and insects
Delena.jpg The advantages of social living for spiders
- Original paper
Cyclosa octo.jpg Web tailored to prey density
- Original paper (abstract)
Mysmena.jpg Miniature spiders found in Panda sanctuary...
- Science Daily's take

Articles archived Nov 2013

Scorpion.jpg The Scorpion and the Frog - check out this science/natural history blog
Anel stu.jpg Study of a social spider.
Mic soc.jpg Black widower?
- Science Daily's take
Venom protein.jpg Engineered spider toxin as anti-venom vaccine.
- New Scientist
Jennifer Newton.jpg Obituary of Jennifer Newton, Lancashire conservationist, naturalist and spider enthusiast.
Chilean and eye.jpg We like spiders, but…
...don't try this at home (someone should tell her about urticating hairs).
Peacock spider.jpg Peacock spider on the front cover of American Scientist.
- YouTube video (for those who haven't seen it yet!)
Fridge wolf.jpg A wolf in the fridge.
Sit dis.jpg Rare jumping spider delays theme park in Kent.
- More.
- Spider Recording Scheme page for the Sitticus distinguendus.

Articles archived Sept 2013

Argiope.jpg Cold tolerant Wasp spiders.
- More from the BBC.
- Spider Recording Scheme page for the Wasp spider.
Poec raj.jpg New species of spider from Sri Lanka.
- Wired's take.
Eresus.jpg This spring (when it arrives) Buglife will release captive bred Ladybird spiders onto Dorset heaths.
Pis coc.jpg Nursery web spider wins 1st place in the Nature and Wildlife category at the Sony World Photography Awards.
Spider and bat.jpg Bat-eating spiders.
- Original paper.
Butterfly.jpg Evolution of some butterflies driven by spiders?
- Science Daily.
Copa kei.jpg Cryptic South African spider.
- ditto -PhysOrg website.
Leaping cupiennius.jpg Leaping (but not a "jumping") spider - video.
GPa.jpg Detailed measurement of spider silk mechanical properties.
- Science Daily.
- Video of the research.
- More general review of mechanics of biological materials.
Train.jpg Less serious look at the mechanical properties of spider silk.
ditto from The Scientist.
Nephila p.jpg Mating success of spider depends on metabolic rate.
- Original paper abstract.
Zodarion.jpg Ant-eating spider and parasitic wasps.
Original paper.
A eximius.jpg Spider behaving normally -NOT the end of the world.
- Paper on the social spider.
Argiopes.jpg Mating dance of male Argiope.
- Original paper.
Scorpion venom.jpg Venom evolution - including spiders and scorpions.
- Original paper
Nephila.jpg Scientists unravel the mysteries of spider silk- (again!)
- another link.
- and another link.
Valerie Davies.jpg Obituary of prominent arachnologist, Valerie Todd Davies.

Articles archived May 2013

Black widow.jpg (Feminist?) Re-interpretation of Black Widow behaviour.
- Phys Org link
M bourneti.jpg Rare spider (Meta bourneti) found in Highgate Cemetery vaults.
- ...
Radio 4 prog on Meta bourneti
Vollrath.jpg Fritz Vollrath interview - Oxford Uni spider work.
Parasitic worm.jpg Parasitic worm emerges from spider - file under "isn't nature incredible" (...and sometimes gross.)
- Paper from JoA on parasitic nematodes
- ... another paper from JoA.
Stegodyphus.jpg Co-operative behaviour in social spiders.
- another link.
- Link to the original paper.
Scorpion tail.jpg New scorpion antivenoms.
Golden wheel.jpg BBC Africa. (If you want to skip over the cute baby ostriches and meerkats and fluffy leopards and lions, the spider behaviour starts at 35min) NOTE: no longer available.
- and watch a sand spider bury itself!
Web 3.jpg Summary of current research on artificial spider silk (now subscription only).
Fen eyes.jpg Zombie Spiders (!) - Statesman 29th Dec'12
Web.jpg Brian Patrick spider research - Daily Republic 27th Dec'12
Redbackspider.jpg Red-back spiders in Japan Update - NZWeek 26th Dec'12
Nephila.jpg Spider silk to treat nerve damage - DW 21st Dec'12
Trapdoor.jpg 33 new trapdoor spider spp. in US - Science Daily 20th Dec'12
with photos - Wired Science 21st Dec'12
named after Barack Obama - Live Science 26th Dec'12
Decoy.jpg Spider decoy in web - Wired Science 18th Dec'12
- New Scientist 20th Dec'12
- Epoch Times 24th Dec'12
Web.jpg Dustin Wilgers spider research - McPherson Sentinel 14th Dec'12
Harvestman.jpg Arachnid care of eggs is a tactic for seduction and survival (see also Science Daily 10th Oct below) - Agencia Fapesp 5th Dec'12
Cross spider.jpg Bugs on drugs and other extraordinary experiments - Wired 3rd Dec'12
Biggerspiders.jpg City-dwelling spiders getting bigger - The Age 3rd Dec'12
Climate Change and spider size - National Geographic May'09
Cross spider.jpg Spiders as pest control - Daily Bhaskar 2nd Dec'12
Nefertiti.jpg Jumping spider adapts to life in space
(insert "giant leap" puns here...)
Brachypelma.jpg Norman Platnick interview and AMNH Spiders Alive! exhibition (extended to 6th Jan 2013)
Web.jpg Spider silk puts off insects from eating
Trophic cascade theory vindicated!
Tetragnathid.jpg Hawaiian insects and spiders studied for biodiversity
American Scientist article
Journal of Arachnology paper on Hawaiian Tetragnatids
Silk molecules.jpg Researchers synthesize new kind of silk
- using music? - Science Daily article

Articles archived March/April 2013

Fen eyes.jpg More on the Fen Raft Spider
Glasgowspider.jpg New spider for Britain found in Glasgow -Scottish Invertebrate News
New spider for Britain found in Glasgow - Buglife
Web drops.jpg Spider silk v. Hagfish mucus...(about 15min into the programme)
Lapsias.jpg Wayne Maddison on jumping spiders
His Borneo blog in Scientific American
Milking venom.jpg Spider venom as painkiller - Science Museum exhibition
Web 3.jpg Spinning webs on the One Show (BBC); about 18min in.
Dave clarke.jpg - Dave Clarke at the London Zoo
Arachnophobic? - Try the "Friendly spider programme"
Redbackspider.jpg Maydianne Andrade, biologist, studies spiders - 3rd Nov'12
New tarantulas.jpg Nine new Colourful Tarantulas Found in Brazil - 2nd Nov'12
Cave spider.jpg Cave spider found at RSPB Minsmere reserve - 2nd Nov'12
Housespider.jpg House Spider video - watch online - (in last 10 minutes of the programme) - BBC AutumnWatch 1st Nov'12
Horridgroundweaver.jpg New Harvestman find, Paul Richards - listen online - (5 minute slot, 14 minutes into the programme) - BBC Radio 4 Saving Species 30th Oct'12
Jumpingspider.jpg In pictures: Close up with Britain's spiders - BBC 29th Oct'12
Wanderingspider.jpg World’s deadliest spider in Warwickshire - 19th Oct'12
Redbackspider.jpg Red-back spider spreads across Japan - 18th Oct'12
Jumpingspider.jpg Why Spiders Have So Many Eyes - Live Science 17th Oct'12
Housespider.jpg Expert in house spider warning in the Lothians and south of Scotland - BBC 16th Oct'12
Huntsmanspider.jpg Australian huntsman spider found in cafe - 9th Oct'12

Articles archived Jan 2013

Zyg web.jpg Aged spiders weary of weaving wonderful webs - The Times Oct'12
Spiders' webs provide clues to aging - Science Daily
- Link to Animal Behaviour
Nikon lynx.jpg 2nd place for Lynx spiders in Small World photo comp
Discover Magazine
Wired Science
Unnamed harvestman.jpg Giant harvestman yet to be named - Science Daily 16th Oct'12
- Senckenberg 16th Oct'12
Cross spider.jpg The era of the spider's web - Guardian 14th Oct'12
Spider ancestor brain.jpg Spider Ancestor Had Big Brain - Science Mag 10th Oct'12
...and small spiders' brains spill into their legs - DiscoBlog Oct'2011
Silk.jpg Spider silk could find use in biodegradable computer chips - Wired 15th Oct'12
Eco-Friendly Optics: Spider Silk - Science Daily 11th Oct'12
Harvestman.jpg Single Harvestman Dads Caring for Eggs Suffer No Disadvantages Despite Parenting Costs - Science Daily 10th Oct'12
Amber-spider.jpg 100-million-year-old spider attack found in amber - Fox News 9th Oct'12
SpiderUSroad.jpg Rare spider creates web of controversy - Today 7th Oct'12
Similarspecies.jpg The spiders hit by fatal courtship muddles - New Scientist 5th Oct'12
Harvestmen3D.jpg Harvestmen '3D' artwork in Seattle! - 2 minute video of the whole mural - Sep'12
Harvestmen3D.jpg Harvestman Drinks Nepenthes Flower Nectar - YouTube video Oct'12
Achaearaneatepidariorum2.jpg Spiders' design mastery allows for webs to stick to ground and elevated surfaces differently - Phys.Org 2nd Oct'12
Fenraftspider.jpg Return of the UK's biggest spider - BBC 4th Oct'12
Fenraftspider.jpg The UK's largest spider returns to Norfolk - Countryfile 4th Oct'12
Fenraftspider.jpg 8cm spiders released into the British countryside by ecologists - The Telegraph 4th Oct'12
Fenraftspider.jpg Captive breeding and re-introduction of Fen Raft Spider, Helen Smith - listen online - (6 minute slot, 22 minutes into the programme) - BBC Radio 4 Material World 4th Oct'12
Fenraftspider.jpg Re-introduction of the Fen Raft Spider in Suffolk - listen online - BBC Radio 4 Saving Species Oct'11
Horridgroundweaver.jpg The Horrid Ground Weaver, Plymouth - listen online - BBC Radio 4 Saving Species Sep'11
Satlive.jpg Appreciation of spiders, Lawrence Bee, British Arachnological Society - listen online or podcast - (5 minute slot, 26 minutes into the programme) - BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live 29th Sep'12
Waspspider.jpg Decorative spider webs attract dinner - BBC Sep'12
SpiderUSroad.jpg US road scheme halted by rare spider - Sep'12
Peacockspider.jpg Peacock Spider 5 - Incredible Peacock Spider display - with links to previous videos - Youtube video
Waspredbackspider.jpg Wasp hunts redback spiders - Science Alert Sep'12
Fenraftspider.jpg UK's rarest spiders fostered by zoos in bid to save them - BBC radio interview Sep'12
Fenraftspider.jpg Raft Spider information - BBC
Fenraftspider.jpg Zoo aims to save UK's rarest spiders - Stourbridge News Aug'12
Fenraftspider.jpg ZSL London Zoo fosters endangered baby Fen raft spiders - ZSL London Zoo Aug'12
Raftspidersfirstnursery.jpg Rare fen raft spiders breeding in Suffolk - BBC Jul'12
Loureed.jpg New Genus of Velvet Spider Named after Lou Reed - Sci-News May'12 (full paper in Arachnological Links - Zookeys May'12)
Guamspiders.jpg Snakes Minus Birds Equals More Spiders for Guam - Science Daily Sep'12
Harvestmen3D.jpg Harvestmen '3D' artwork in Seattle! - Daily Mail Sep'12
Housespider.jpg House Spiders in September - Guardian Sep'12
Blindspider.jpg New species of blind huntsman spider - Science Daily Aug'12
Matingplug.jpg Female spiders produce mating plugs - Science Daily Aug'12
Spidersilk.jpg Most stretchable spider silk - Science Daily Feb'12
Raindrops.jpg Raindrops on spiders - Wired photos
Zebra female.jpg Jumping Spider experiment chosen for Space Station - CNN and video
- NY Times
Waspspider.jpg Wasp Spider Argiope Bruennichi - Guardian Country Diary Aug'12
Furroworbweb.jpg Furrow Orbweb Spider Larinioides cornutus - Guardian Country Diary May'11
Spiderbasics.jpg Spider basic facts and Spiders Alive Exhibition at American Museum of Natural History, New York - You Tube video
Goblinspiders.jpg Norman Platnick - Goblin spiders research and fieldwork - You Tube video
Normanplatnick.jpg Norman Platnick - Profile and Planetary Biodiversity Inventory project - You Tube video
Trogloraptor.jpg New family of spider in US - Trogloraptor - Wired Science
Newfamily.jpg New family of spider in US - Trogloraptor - BBC Radio 4 Interview
Attenboroughi.jpg Spider named after Sir David Attenborough - BBC TV News and Interview
Bigjaws.jpg Bigger chelicerae improve jumping spider’s mating chances
Vibrating.jpg Spiders target mate-luring signals from 'vibrating' insects
Veggiespider.jpg A vegetarian jumping spider ?

Articles archived April 2012

Assassin bug.jpg Bugs stalk spiders under cover of the wind.
Bug turns the table on spiders
- Alternative website
Fossil opilionid.jpg CT scans of fossil Harvestmen.
Eresus male.jpg Ladybird Spider introduced to Arne reserve.
BBC One Show video
Britain’s rarest spider moves house in a plastic bottle
SRS page for the Ladybird spider.
Silk skin.jpg Artificial skin from spider silk.
Heliophanus dampfi.png Rare spider found at Scottish reserve.
SRS page for Heliophanus dampfi.
Salticid ant mimic.png Jumping spiders as mimics.
Black widow male.png Black Widow males prefer well-fed females.
Link to paper
Human impact.jpg Spiders suffer from human impact.
Ageing and webs.jpg Effect of age on weaving skills.
CT scan.jpg Hi-tech imaging of fossil spiders.
Imaging video (for hi-def you should have been at the AGM!)
Beating heart.jpg Imaging spider's beating heart.
BBC's report
Ant mimic.jpg Second-rate mimics?
Social huntsman.jpg Social Huntsman spider.
Bubble spider.jpg Physical gills and the Water spider.
...Science's take on it...
...and Nature's.
Foot spinnerets.jpg Tarantulas eject silk from their feet!
Earlier article on spiders producing silk from their feet...
...or do they?
Scorpion sting.jpg Scorpion venom pesticide.
Loxosceles face.jpg Is the Brown recluse spider expanding its range?
Webi.jpg Spiders on the Space Shuttle.
Jurassic Nephila.jpg Jurassic Nephila.
Link to the full article.
LIDAR.jpg No more hands-on spider surveys?
Cannibal lycosid.jpg Wolf spiders as ladykillers.
Female wolf spider.jpg Female spider's mating preference depends on how hungry she is...
P margaritatus.jpg Notable spider found at RSPB reserve.
Link to the Spider Recording Scheme page.

Articles archived Dec 2011

Fossil spider fly.jpg Fossilised spider and fly relationship.
Tick.jpg European tick established in UK.
Web on tree.jpg Webs festoon trees after flood.
Evarcha culicivora.jpg Mosquito eating spider.
Link to Science Now.
Another link.
Ancient chitin.jpg Ancient chitin.
Shell and spider.jpg Spider's shell retreat.
Male lycosid.jpg Spiders adjust their signals to suit the medium.
Another link
Wolbachia.jpg Bacteria control spider gender ratios.
Full paper.
Also see Nottingham Uni's work on Wolbachia.
Scream.jpg People not born scared of spiders?
Latrodectus male and female.jpg Wasteful killing in Black widow spiders?
Anel studiosus Perry Babin.jpg Spiders play at mating.
C ross P Harvey.jpg Rare fenland spider re-discovered.
Portia eyes.jpg Salticids used in vision experiments.
Sundew.jpg Spiders in competition with carnivorous plants.
Goblin spider.jpg Goblin spiders (and Dracula orchids)
Dolomedes.jpg Raft spider release.
Dolomedes plantarius Website.
Argiope mating.jpg Wasp spider male mating strategy.
Scorpion sting.jpg Can venom save lives?
Caerostris.jpg Giant web - BBC article.
Wired Science
Big and small.jpg Giant females, dwarf males.
Web i.jpg Artificial silk, again
Salticids face off.jpg Females fight by different rules:
Science Daily article
Discovery article
Web droplet.jpg Viscoelastic explanation of web stickiness (for the physicists and engineers amongst you)
Webpage article.
Further article.
Silk threads.jpg Spider silk storage
How spiders create silk threads
Zodarion ant.jpg Zodarion as choosy eaters
Webi.jpg A miscellany of videos on spinning spider silk:
Silk from milk
BBC Bang goes the theory
Madagascan tapestry at the AMNH
Argiope bruennichi.jpg Argiope avoids incest
Nephila.jpg Nephila feeding Argyrodes?
Eresus male.jpg BBC One Show Ladybird Spider (and other videos)
2001 paper on Ladybird spider genetics
Breaking silk structure.jpg Strength of spider silk
Assassin bug.jpg Bug turns the table on spiders
- Alternative website
- Link to original paper
Argyrodes.jpg Download article on silver coloration in spiders and fish
Download paper on coloration due to guanine
Eoplectreurys.jpg 165M year old spider fossil - Nature
Salticid.jpg R Walton's videos of jumping spiders

H Metzner's Salticid pages

Peckhamia - Info and video on Salticids
Ballooning.jpg Rickettsia infection and spider dispersal
Download paper on bacterial infection and spider dispersal
Stegodyphus tentoriicola .jpg Effect of kinship on subsocial spider behaviour Paper
Happy face spider.jpg Evolution of the "Happy Face" spider ; Understanding Evolution Website
Download paper on Happy Face polymorphism
Veggie 2.jpg Vegetarian spider; New Scientist: Nature Download paper on nectar eating spiders
Dew on web.jpg Capturing dew - another use for a web
Mis prey.jpg Ineffective crypsis of Misumena vatia
Decorated web.jpg Decorated webs explained?
Link to Daiquin Li's BioMed profile
Giant orb 1.jpg Giant orb-web spider article  : Paper

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