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This listing is of recent arachnid news from the media and from academic journals.
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Spiders news Nentwig.jpg   Horrid ground-weaver: Buglife surveys and research
Spiders news Nentwig.jpg   Taxonomic database: Spider taxonomists catch data on web
Pseudoscorp.png   Thermal biology and immersion tolerance of the Beringian pseudoscorpion Wyochernes asiaticus
Dn28559-2 800.jpg   Multiple exaggerated weapon morphs: a novel form of male polymorphism in harvestmen
Journal.pone.0142503.g001.PNG   Spider Web DNA: A New Spin on Noninvasive Genetics of Predator and Prey
Indian ladybird spider.jpg   First record of the spider genus Paraplectana Brito Capello, 1867 (Aranaea: Aranneidae: Cyrtarachninae) from India, with a description of a new species A true ladybird mimic: Image ©curiocritters

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