The BAS has two large libraries, both open to members for research and general interest.

Reprint Library

A major benefit of BAS membership is access to our ever-growing library of over 20,000 reprints of scientific papers of arachnological interest. The library database is held on our website and accessible only to members. A large number of the reprints are downloadable from the web site for members use only. While most report the results of scientific research and can be quite technical, many papers give an accessible general introduction to various aspects of arachnology, which are ideal for the beginner.

Printed papers cannot be ordered from the web site but can be obtained by emailing or writing to the Librarian. They are normally sent out within a couple of weeks or so. The library is generously housed at the World Museum Liverpool and we rely on the goodwill of staff members to service requests. Very lengthy papers and books are subject to special arrangement and only available to UK members. Members may visit the library by prior arrangement.

Slide Library

The BAS Slide Library has a large collection of photographic transparencies on a variety of arachnological subjects - the majority donated by members. These are available to members for research.

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