FALSE WIDOW ENQUIRIES - please see our comprehensive pages: False Widow Spiders - FAQs and False Widow Spiders

There are photographs to compare with any spiders you think may be a False Widow, as well as detailed information on their distribution and habits and bite. (Please do not be scared by recent coverage in the media, much of which is misleading and plainly wrong!)

For other common and harmless species check out these pages on spiders that you can find in and around your home and garden.

Please note that the BAS cannot always offer advice or identification help for non-British species. If your enquiry is regarding an arachnid outside of the UK, then please search our arachnological links page for a society / reference source relevant to the respective country. Of course, we shall still try to assist where there is no such local contact.

Please review the above information and pages first. If you still have a question, please call 0800 148 8651, or select from the contacts below.

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Contact Details

For identification of spiders

Go to the SRS contact page

For general information and advice (not identification)

Dr Geoff Oxford, Honorary Secretary     

For Press enquiries

Dr Geoff Oxford     

For information on membership

BAS membership, Thorns Orchard, East Mill Lane, Sherborne, DT9 3DP      

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For information about the Newsletter

Danniella Sherwood Newsletter Editor     

For information about the journal Arachnology

Prof. Paul Selden, 19 St Peter Street, MARLOW, Bucks. SL7 1NQ     

For the Spider Recording Scheme

Mr Richard Gallon, SRS National Organiser  

For the SRS Area Organiser Co-ordinator

Mr Liam Andrews     

For the Pseudoscorpion Recording Scheme

Dr Gerald Legg     
or direct:

For the Harvestman Recording Scheme

Meg Skinner     

For information about sales items

Mr Francis Farr-Cox, 1 Winchester Road, BURNHAM-ON-SEA, Somerset, TA8 1HY     

Regional Coordinators England

Regional Coordinators Scotland

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