Website credits

BAS Information 

Much of the information relating to the BAS is taken from the British Arachnological Society's Members' Handbook © BAS.


Several line drawing are taken from the Collins' Field Guide to Spiders of Britain & Northern Europe, by Michael J. Roberts, courtesy of the Author © Michael J.Roberts.

All other illustrations and photographs are credited where used.

Web Page Design 

The content for this Drupal-based website was migrated during 2020 from a previous version of the website implemented on MediaWiki. Credit for the original website design goes to Iain Downie, Helen Smith, Martin Askins, Chris Spilling and, above all, to Craig Slawson. Craig was the original webmaster for the BAS and the society reaped huge benefits from his technical expertise and the hard work he put into the website and related technical matters. Craig died suddenly early in 2020. The Drupal-based website was created by Rich Burkmar in 2020.

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