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The Newsletter of the British Arachnological Society

Newsletter cover issue 154

The Newsletter is our general informal members' publication, edited by Danniella Sherwood. Published three times per year in a bright, full colour, A4 format, the Newsletter is the essential read to keep up to date with arachnology and arachnologists!

Full list of downloadable newsletter PDFs (registered members of the Society can download the newsletters from this page). Registered members can also Search the Newsletter for individual articles (with links to Newsletter PDFs).

Submissions should be made to the Editor by email: newsletter[at]

As well as Society news, book reviews, notices, results from field trips and site surveys, the Newsletter includes articles on all aspects of arachnology. Whilst the focus is on British species, we also publish articles on non-British arachnids.

It is a forum for all of our members, beginners and experts, UK and Overseas, to publish their photographs, observations, species records, and research, in a lighter format and to a broader audience than the academic literature. A wide variety of articles and letters include research reviews, behaviour, distribution, ecology and taxonomy.

The Newsletter includes supplements of the Spider Recording Scheme (edited by Richard Gallon) and the Harvestman Recording Scheme (edited by Meg Skinner) focusing on the occurrence and distribution of spiders and harvestmen within the British Isles, as well as articles on rare or difficult to identify species. It also features occasional articles on British pseudoscorpions.

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