Salticus scenicus

Zebra Spider Salticus scenicus

What is that funny little Jumping Spider?

Salticus scenicus by Craig Slawson
Salticus scenicus by Craig Slawson

Small, short-legged, agile, jerky, alert spiders with big, forward-facing eyes can be found outside on walls, fences and trees, and also indoors. These are Zebra Spiders, so named because they can jump! They have amazing vision. As you walk by a fence on which one of these little spiders rests, the spider will turn and watch you, orientating itself towards you as you pass. The forward-facing pair of eyes can move back and forth, up and down and from side to side in order to focus and follow prey or a would-be mate. Their other eyes are fixed. Jumping spiders stalk their prey before pouncing. They also leap if frightened or disturbed.

Aptly named, with its black and white marking, the Zebra Spider occurs in houses as well as outside in gardens and other habitats.

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